Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bill Maher's New Film

Bill Maher's new film "Religulous" is now playing at the Del Mar theatre in downtown Santa Cruz. It is at once funny, wickedly to the point, and often quite perceptive. Maher goes after all the religions of the book and ends by saying that if we don't soon throw off the suffocating shackles of religion...well, go see for yourself.

The night I went there was a good crowd, but I don't imagine the film will be there for long.

Reviews have been quite good from top media. Variety hails "Religulous" as "brilliant, incendiary," while Entertainment Weekly adds, "It's a film that's destined to make a lot of people mad, but Maher, for all his showy atheistic 'doubt,' isn't just trying to crucify religion — he truly wants to know what makes it tick. He leaves no stone tablet unturned." Other raves come from the New York Times, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter and from Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times. Among the pans is the Washington Post.

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